About Us

Golden Orb Designs started in June 2009.

The business name originated from a "light bulb" moment with a rather large spider living precariously from the garage of our house.  It was a Golden Orb Spider.

Not to mention the wife's true hatred for anything with 8 legs the decision to have a logo with such a nice looking critter was too much to pass up. 

Geoff Pritchard has spent several years creating unique photo designs and a progressive interest in photography led to the start of this business.

Photographers who who specialise in landscapes are a dedicated bunch. They devote great effort to shooting just a handful of frames, patiently researching locations and diligently turning up at dawn and dusk in case the light is right. Their world is one of perfection and patience, an art form practised with great care that can teach all photographers some important lessons.
Your guide to DSLR Volume 18 2011

Geoff's photos have been used Australia wide to cover media events such as the catestrophic events and images are regularly used by apparel businesses on social sites such as face-book.

Many images are now hanging in main stream environments such as hotel chains.

 Geoff's true passion is Landscape photography but has been known to be contracted for real estate, wedding and portrait photography as well.

Golden Orb Designs uses the latest Apple Mac computers and runs Epson Large format printers on site in both in Esperance  Western Australia and Perth.

Golden Orb Designs is open to discussion on various photographic opportunities.

We are currently making great grounds to break into the US market and have been provided with great feedback from International peers in the field

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a opportunity please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for viewing our site. 

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